About the Artist Lucha Olivares

Lucha Olivares started her career in 1954 producing 45 reproductions of famous master pieces under the direction of the recognized Mexican artist Elisa Aguirre.

In September of 1957 sponsored by the fine arts school of the University of Veracruz, directed by Ramon Alva de la Canal, PhD., created original paintings in several techniques. In l961 she moved to Mexico City to receive instruction in a restoration at the National Institute of fine arts.

At the same time Lucha Olivares acted as illustrator for several magazines of the editorial Herrerias in Mexico City. She returned to Xalapa in 1987 and started her own studio.

Quick News about her:

She received her second Reiki grade from the Master Ulises Calatayud. According to Lucha, Reiki changed her life, "I feel in peace, harmonized with everything around me, and grateful for be able to help the people to recover their health" she says.

The paintings she recently made have some Reiki energy, the angel is the most recent work. It was a commission; the only idea she had about an angel was a light entity so that is what she tried to express over the canvas.